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A Year of Weight Loss Maintenance Thumbnail

I started this blog a little over a year ago, after several months of successfully participating in the University of Kansas Weight Loss Program. When I last posted updates here early this year, I had lost over 70 pounds and was starting the weight loss maintenance part of the program. I'm happy to say that I've managed to maintain that weight loss over the past year. Right now I'm a few pounds under my transition weight. My weight this year has stayed within a range of ten pounds, so there were no serious backward steps up the weight mountain.

Liquid Calories: Healthy Lifestyle Nemesis Thumbnail

One thing I commonly hear and read about from people who are struggling to lose weight is that “I’m not losing weight fast enough.” There can be many reasons for this (women tend to lose weight with more difficulty), but the most likely culprit for those who aren’t on a formal weight loss program, or ...

Nutritional Yeast: An Appreciation Thumbnail

I call myself jokingly a “tofu vegetarian” because I became adopted the ovo-lacto vegetarian diet back in 1989, during the era where vegetarian cooking involved lots of tofu. That’s when I discovered nutritional yeast for the first time. Back then it was hard to find, usually in one of the bulk bins at some hippy ...